Prevent the most common causes of fire
  Have faulty equipment and broken electric wires repaired immediately by a professional; do not try to fix them yourself.
  Keep fire-making equipment out of the reach of children, e.g. in a locked box.
  Do not smoke indoors, as it poses a fire hazard if you fall asleep.
  Use fireplaces only as recommended by the user instructions. Have the fireplace and the chimney swept regularly.
  Ensure sufficient clearance around fireplaces. Do not dry laundry in the sauna.
  Safely position light fittings and other self-heating electrical and electronic equipment.
       Put hot or warm ashes into non-flammable containers only.
  Prevent sparks coming from the fireplace by using a protective net or doors.
  Never leave hot stoves unattended while cooking.
  Burn candles in safe places only, and ensure they are not left lit when a room is unoccupied.
Maintain fire safety at home
Observe safety when using fireplaces, electrical and electronic equipment, and candles.
Have enough fire alarms in the home, and maintain them in working order.

Know the location of emergency exits.
Keep emergency fire extinguishing equipment close at hand, and learn to use it.
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