Pay attention to everyday fire safety
Ensuring safety is part of the daily routine of the entire staff, and part of the company’s business operations. Ensuring continuity and managing disruptions helps companies to remain productive.

Workplace safety depends of many things: identifying and managing the risks in the working environment: paying attention to your work environment and observing potential fire risks.

Make use of the fire safety training material and adapt it to reflect your company's operations and needs. The aim is that the entire staff adopts operating methods that prevent damages in their everyday work. It is vital to plan for work safety — to prevent accidents before they develop.

The fire safety training material can be used in staff training. Make it an essential part of fire safety training at your company.

The main purpose of the “Fire safety at the workplace” training material is to familiarize employees with the rescue plan and fire safety procedures.

The material consists of Powerpoint presentations and instructions for use of the training material. The trainer’s guide include all slides, with related instructions and examples to help in presenting the material.

Take the material into active use, and adapt it to your own workplace needs. The material will best serve the target groups as a supplement to workplace-specific materials, and can also be used to prepare for training events and for revision purposes.

Fire safety training material

Download the fire safety training material here.

The fire safety training material is a zip folder with the training and related video materials. Download the material, save it on your computer in the folder of your choice. PowerPoint software is needed to view the material, which can be supplemented with detailed information on your organization.

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