The importance of emergency fire extinguishing training
There is an average of 17 building fires a day, 10 of these in residential buildings. Over 95% of lethal fires occur in residential surroundings. In recent years in Finland, a yearly average of between 70-120 people die in fires. Fires also carry a significant economic toll.

Even a small fire can destroy all property in the building. Efficient emergency fire extinguishing is a basic civic skill that’s needed everywhere — at home, in a holiday house, at work, or on the road. In emergency situations, everyone has a duty to act. Emergency fire extinguishing training provides the skills you need to put out fires before they get out of control.

Fire damage can be prevented, or at least reduced. In addition to theory, emergency fire extinguishing training includes practising how to use a fire blanket and hand-held extinguisher. Participants are also taught how to recognize fire risks and prevent hazardous situations.

The emergency fire extinguishing training meets the quality criteria of the rescue services. The emergency fire extinguishing training system is maintained by the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK and the Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs.
Significance of the emergency fire extinguishing training to companies
Employees trained in emergency fire extinguishing can minimize the disruption that fire causes to business. Understanding the risks and emergency fire extinguishing training can help in stopping many fires before they cause severe damage. In emergency fire extinguishing training, you or your employees will develop the required knowledge and skills to do just this.
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