Hot work refers to high-risk work that requires special precautions
Ask yourself the following questions before starting hot work:
Is the work done at a temporary hot work site?
Have the accompanying risks been properly assessed?
Has a hot work permit been issued?
Does the issuer of the hot work permit have a valid hot work licence?
Are adequate protections in place?
Does the hot work operator have a valid hot work licence?
How has hot work guarding been organized during and after the work?
Hot work procedures in the company
Company hot work practices are described in the hot work supervision plan.
Hot work permits are always granted for a fixed period and for a certain hot work site. The permit gives the right to perform only the hot work specified in the permit.
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Both the issuer of the hot work permit and the hot work operator must have a valid hot work licence. Hot work guards must have applicable safety training, and a valid hot work licence is recommended.
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The hot work licence is valid for five years after completing training, and entitles the operator to do hot work in all the Nordic countries.
Before starting hot work
 hot work terminology
 assignment of responsibilities
 assessing the risks of hot work
 precautions at different kinds of hot work sites
Safe hot work is regulated by...
Further information on hot work
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